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Kashmir’s first and fast growing self-publishing house


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Lieper Publication is the first ever self-publishing house of Kashmir. We at Lieper Publication are a team of professionals with a goal to offer hassle-free end-to-end publishing services to writers. As compared to other leading self-publishing houses we provide an array of different packages to suit the needs of the writer.

The various add-ons to a package include services like book launch, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, cover launch, coffee with author with a gathering, open-mics and much more.

Our self-publishing framework allows the author to be in control of every step in the process. Our distribution channels give the author a world-wide range of readership. We understand that publishing a book is hard. Hence, we want to make that process easy for our authors. Our team of professionals assist writers to resolve their queries and offer assistance 24×7. Moreover, being a leading self-publishing house in the Valley, we are followed by rich and diverse kinds of readers which further helps the author gain readership.

In less than a year of existence, Lieper Publication has already published many books that have been well received not only in Kashmir and other states of India but even in many other countries as well. Although the tenet of Lieper Publication is “Quality rather than Quantity”, we still strive hard to bring quantity to us, and
with a chain of more aspirational writers out there, we hope to build a network of established writers. Read More


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Professional team for 24/7 assistance. Quality imported material for your book. Complete control over your book.


We believe that great things take time so it takes us 22 days to turn your work into a great book.


We believe that it is your book, your story, so you will own the copyright of your book.


We do an open mic six times in a month and give our clients a chance to introduce their book in front 30–40 different writers, readers and artists.

Language Option

At Lieper Publication, other than English material, we publish and type Urdu and Kashmiri material as well.


We use our immense reach and marketing strategies to benefit our clients.


We expose the work of our authors to celebrities on social media which helps our authors gain more popularity.


Andry LincolnAmtul Basit
Andry LincolnHanna Mushtaq
Andry LincolnDr. Henana Berjes

Working with Lieper Publication was a great experience for sure. They made me feel like home while giving me the opportunity of a lifetime and I'll be forever grateful for that. Having my own published book was a dream that they turned into reality. I'm receiving so much love and support, all because they believed in my words. Thank you for this amazing opportunity that changed my life in the best way ❤

Amtul Basit

It was an amazing experience to work with lieper publications. The whole team works really hard. I was motivated enough to publish my book. Everybody in the team is supportive and encouraging. No doubt Lieper Publications is the best publications house in Kashmir.

Hanna Mushtaq

You may be born a writer but it takes a publisher to turn you into an Author. Since years, traditional publishing has held sway all over the world and while self publishing is a daunting decision for any seasoned writer, it might be a good option when the publishing house is as helpful as Lieper. It comes with risks; the uphill climb that follows the initial launch of a book aka marketing may as well be any writer's nightmare but the team is helpful and make sure that they interact with the author through out the process. I'd recommend them to new writers who aren't very sure of getting published in the first place.

Dr. Henana Berjes
Faheem Bhat

Faheem Bhat

Faheem Bhat, author of ‘Wandering for Love’–an already popular book, took his love for words and books to a whole new level. On tackling all the hassles of publishing a book as an author, Faheem decided to launch Jammu & Kashmir’s first self-publishing house to ensure other writers won’t have to deal with the same. The inception of Lieper Publication is a dream to offer easy, affordable publishing services to writers and get their work the recognition it deserves. And being an influencer, a CEO, author and a much talked about person on print and social media, Faheem uses his immense reach and marketing strategies to benefit his clients.
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